Aquaculture is a sector with opportunities for production of high-quality food in a sustainable way. New breeding techniques, alternative raw materials for feed, and other innovations contribute to this.

This project wants to responds through education on European level and scale to these opportunities and make a positive contribution to the challenges in aquaculture. Based on the needs of industry, European objectives, and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (related to food, soil, water and energy), Aqua-view contributes to the development of future employable employees. They are able to work internationally within the sector, and thus give shape to European labour mobility. A high-quality workforce must be created that responds to challenges facing the sector, and innovations needed in order to contribute a sustainable aquaculture industry.

Eight partners from seven different countries are developing international education on aquaculture in Europe. Both secondary vocational colleges and universities of applied science are involved in the development and implementation of aquaculture education. Aqua- view develops International learning units on various topics for EQF Level 4, an European course on aquaculture for EQF level 5 as well as courses for lifelong learning at both EQF level 4 and 5. An important character of these courses is that students can do part of their education abroad.

The network is a membership organization for educating learners of all European qualifying levels in the profession. The organization will stimulate the educated learners to develop their profession in aquaculture. The digital platform of Aqua-view to exchange lessons, Learning recourses and programs will also contribute to this development. Vet colleges, University colleges, other educators in aquaculture and players of the aquaculture industry, are explicitly invited to join the this Aqua-view network.

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