Aqua-view network

The Aqua-view network is a membership organization (European Economic Interest Grouping) for education in Aquaculture aimed for Vocational Educational Training colleges, universities, and all educators who are involved in some way in the field of aquaculture.  Educational organizations who are members of the Aqua-view network share knowledge and experience to reinforce their teaching programmes, cooperate with aquaculture companies to positively contribute to the needs and challenges faced by the European aquaculture industry while also providing opportunities to the same industry and its partners.

The network will:

  • Strengthen and develop the aquaculture network for education: to improve and strengthen the relationships of partners who are within or who join the network, enhancing cooperation between educational organizations in Europe dealing in aquaculture.
  • Increase mobility of educators within the network: to enhance mobility of aquaculture educators, therefore improving cooperation, knowledge sharing and partnerships among VET schools, universities and industry.
  • Increase mobility of learners in aquaculture education: to increasing learners’ exchanges and mobilities in order to allow more diverse and hands-on experiences within the European aquaculture sector.
  • Develop joint aquaculture education within the network along with industry: to develop joint trans-national educational programmes. The network will develop a common, innovative and future-proof education in close collaboration with the industry to match the skills needed.
  • Exchange of teaching materials between network partners: to access an online platform to exchange teaching/learning materials based on the educational programs developed.


Aqua-view partners will benefit from:

  1. access to a broad network within aquaculture education 
  2. knowledge and experience to improve aquaculture education 
  3. support by network partners in organizing mobilities 
  4. cooperation in the development of innovative educational programs and courses
  5. access to aquaculture teaching materials 
  6. participation in activities and events organized by the network


Activities will include:

  1. Constant communication and collaboration in a digital platform
  2. Annual General Assembly of the network
  3. Workshops and workgroups meetings
  4. Field trips to productive sites
  5. Lectures from education/industry
  6. Meetings with industrial partners and stakeholders
  7. Exchange of students and staff

Members who would like to join Aqua-view may send an email on, describing their institution and their intention to join Aqua-view. Upon sending a request, interested parties will be sent further information about their membership.