Conference for European vocational education on Aquaculture 2021

Aquaview Multiplier event in Italy 2021


On the day of Friday 19th November 2021, it was held in the premises of the international fair on blue economy Sealogy© in Ferrara the multiplier event of the Aqua-view project entitled “Conference for European Vocational Education on Aquaculture”.

The event brought together the different stakeholders on local, national and international level to participate, share and discuss the outputs of the project and the general situation regarding aquaculture education in Europe.

Among others the institutions represented at the multiplier event were: i)policy-makers as the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Port Authority and the Emilia-Romagna Region; ii) aquaculture producers association as the European Molluscs Farmers Association and the Mediterranean Aquatic farmers Association; iii)education providers as two EQF4 level schools from Sicily and Emilia-Romagna and the main actor of the superior education in the region: University of Bolonia and iv) five out the eight partners of the aquaview project.

The event carried out as planned with a detailed presentation of the project, outputs completed and the ones expected and a presentation of the aquaculture programs of the school making part of the project themselves to introduce the future network for education which was positively welcomed by the many participants of the day.


The future step of the project will be the upcoming pilot testing of the learning units in Spain in 2022.

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