Aqua-EduNet: Aquaculture education and industry network

The Aqua-EduNet European platform brings together the members of Aqua-view network (education) and industry in aquaculture. This will ensure both the sustainability of the industry but also long-term development of education on aquaculture.


Aqua-EduNet: Aquaculture education and industry network



Aqua-EduNet aims to initiate developments and undertake activities which contribute to the improvement of professionalism and craftsmanship and by doing so improve the perspective of people working in the branch and contribute to the development of the economic prosperity of the people involved in the business.  Partners especially focus on common grounds between the entrepreneurial and educational fields.

The European platform further aims at improving the image and protecting the interests of the aquaculturist, be it in training, or in their profession, as well as of the teachers in aquaculture. It also has the ambition to: 

  • have an open dialogue with all interested in aquaculture
  • boost an organic and sustainable aquaculture 
  • promote scientific research as well as technical progress in the Vocational Educational Training sector and in the sector of higher vocational education in aquaculture 
  • improve knowledge circulation within the branch of aquaculture 
  • study and support changes in aquaculture industry in a global context 
  • increase education and training in aquaculture across Europe  
  • increase transparency and harmonization of training systems as well as curricula and assessments 
  • encourage intercultural exchanges 
  • increase the social status of the branch across Europe 


Members who would like to join Aqua-EduNet may send an email on, describing their organisation and their intention to join Aqua-EduNet. Upon sending a request, interested parties will be sent further information about their membership.